Meeting My Friend in Seattle & Finding Success

Join me as I share my experiences of visiting my friend in Seattle and learning the power of self-help through my friend's mindset of success, manifestation, positivity, and taking the next steps towards achieving goals.

Meeting My Friend in Seattle & Finding Success
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My Journey Towards Embracing the Mindset of Success

I recently had the opportunity to visit a friend in Seattle, Washington. It was a short weekend trip with annoying air travel that included late flights, layover, checks & security, and airport food. However, once I reached Seattle, I noticed a vibrant city with stunning natural beauty and vibrant social life. From the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival to Snoqualmie Falls, there are so many things in & around Seattle. I walked around Bellevue & Redmond downtown and it is full of diversity and supercars. That's what happens when you have Amazon & Microsoft HQ in town.

But my trip wasn't just about exploring the city; it was an eye-opening experience that taught me the power of self-help and the importance of mindset, manifestation, and positive thinking to achieve success.

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The highlight of my visit was the time I spent with a friend there. I met his family, he drove me around, we visited a few sights, and had evening drinks to catch up on the lost time.

I have known him since my school days but then our paths separated and he moved to a technology-driven profile and eventually moved to Seattle. I talk to him every month but have not seen him in 14 years. Clearly, an example that distance & time should not affect your true friendship.

He is a successful Senior Leader in a large tech company and has achieved a lot in his professional life while in his mid-40s. As I got to know him better, I realized that his success was not only due to his hard work and dedication but also, manifestation, positivity, and taking the next steps towards his goals.

He has a strong belief that he can achieve anything he wants and is very proactive in his thoughts and actions, he said, “I just need to figure out how to do it and not if I can do it”.

This belief has been his driving force for many years and has helped him achieve many milestones. He told me he had to go through many challenges, failures, and setbacks in his early days since he was migrating to the US and everything was new including the culture and lifestyle, but his mindset about success helped him stay motivated and kept him going regardless of where he was. Now I think, if he was not in technology but anything else, he would still be successful.

As I spent more time with him and chatted about our past & new life, I noticed that he was unknowingly showing signs of manifestation, positivity, and taking the next steps. He has a clear vision of what he wants to achieve and he sees it every day. He also maintains a positive attitude and believes that he can overcome any obstacle that comes his way.

I have been reading self-help & self-improvement books for years now and I see this pattern in most of them, which he was showing already. It was like I was reading a summary page of a self-help book right in front of me.

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I asked him if he referred to books but he said he doesn’t read books or spend time on social media. I don't think spending time on social media is bad but it does take your precious time and energy. It also takes space in your brain and unless you are Elon Musk, successful people don’t intend to spend time on social media. Although, I disagree with not reading books part. I believe, reading books has multi-fold benefits including knowledge, calming down, focus time, good habits, etc.
He appears the kind of person who inspires others to write books about successful people.

This also makes me believe that all successful people in various fields have similar traits i.e. they believe they will achieve their objective without a doubt; they take action and don't worry about failures; and they surround themselves with people who are better than them.

He is almost willing to fight with the universe to achieve his objectives and goals and he was not coming across as an arrogant person who has made it large in his life. Instead, it was inspiring and motivating. Since I know him personally, he is a considerate person and respects each person and their circumstances.

Talking to him, I realized that anyone could replicate his qualities to achieve success in any field of interest. Here are a few things I learned from him that I think will be useful to anyone who wants to achieve their goals.

Clear Vision and Strong Belief: The key to success is to have a clear vision of what you want to achieve and a strong belief that you can achieve it. Once you have a vision, you should visualize it every day and remind yourself why you want to achieve it. This should keep distractions away and keep your focus.

  1. Cultivate a positive mindset: A positive mindset is critical to success. One should maintain a positive attitude even in the face of challenges and setbacks. Believe that you can overcome any obstacles that come your way and be motivated towards your goals.
  2. Be Consistent: Taking small, consistent steps toward your goals each day will help you reach them faster. Break your goals down into smaller tasks and work towards them every day. This will help you stay focused and motivated to achieve your goals. Find efficiency and productivity and avoid waste in your lifestyle.
  3. Embrace Failure: Failure is part of the journey to success. Don't be afraid to fail, learn from your failures and move on. At some point in the future, you will look at the failures as lessons.
  4. Surround yourself with positive people: Positive people who believe in you and your goals will help you stay motivated and inspired. Also, just talking to positive people around you will constantly reinforce your belief and boost your confidence.

In conclusion, my short visit to Seattle not only allowed me to explore the scenic beauty of the city, but also helped me learn the power of self-help through my friend's success, manifestation, positivity, and taking the next steps. By copying his qualities, anyone can achieve success in any field of interest.

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